Sunday, April 23, 2017

A quiet winter of games

I've had a very slow and quiet winter hobby-wise. I didn't get any painting done for months and apart from visiting Kinkkucon 2017, didn't play anything either. That means there hasn't been much to write about to the blog either but I'll pick up the slack now that spring is here and things are picking up. There's a bunch of figures on my workbench and there's a game to prepare for in a month or so. Here's a few notes of the games I did play this winter for the blog archive:

Kinkkucon 2017:

I've looked forward to finding a reasonably priced copy of Up Front for a while now and bought one from Germany (The box art of Up Front has a prominent SS soldier with his insignia showing clearly. Isn't it illegal to own stuff like that in Germany?). I got to play a couple of test games in Kinkkucon and it feels like an interesting game, but I have to learn it a bit more first.

I played a game of Twilight Struggle. I've bought both the board game version and the PC game version of it. The PC version is a great way to learn the basics and get to know the deck a bit!

We resumed our Warhammer Quest lair of the orc lord campaign from a couple of years ago! We played the third deep and was all fine until there was an attack by suicidal rats which took out most of the party. The final survivor met his end at the hands of a random orc encounter. We also tried out the new card game version which really captures the essence of the game well in my opinion.

My "main game" for Kinkkucon was Germantown of the American Revolution series. Excellent stuff as always. The rebellious colonists suffered badly from command confusion but still gave the redcoats quite a fight. In the end the English managed to consolidate their line in a way that made it all but impossible for the Americans to reach their goal so we called the game a couple of turns early.

After Kinkkucon I didn't have any gaming activities until a last weekend when my friend invited me for a game of Modern Spearhead. It's a 90's ruleset with a grand tactical perspective. One model tank equals a platoon of AFV's, you have to pre-plan your attacks on paper and so on. We played a cold war scenario twice during the weekend. Quite an interesting system and I'm looking forward to playing it more. I have the WW2 version and I've also preordered the new edition of Blitzkrieg Commander. It'll be interesting to compare the two systems and see which scratches that WW2 microarmor itch I have best.

So, that's pretty much it. I suppose we all have those quiet times in our hobbies so I don't take any stress over it. The next big game will see us return to the Russo-Swedish War of 1808.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Blood Bowl returns and it's glorious!

The death of Games Workshop's Specialist Games proved short and they have released a brand new edition of Blood Bowl! After what GW did to Warhammer Quest, I think many old BB players waited for this release with fear in their hearts. Now it looks very much like GW is giving us the new edition we're all hoping for! The rules are left intact and we get a new box with top notch components. The last time I bought a Games Workshop product new from the store was in 2009 when I bought the third edition of Space Hulk so I wanted to vote with my wallet and made this a day 1 purchase. Whoa, that's seven years already! I thought Space Hulk 3rd edition came out yesterday!

I'm sure you can find everything you want to know about this new edition from the Internet already so I'll just add a few notes.

I'm really happy with all the components. Everything is top notch quality in my mind and the box contains plenty of value for its (in GW scale) moderate price point. I hope this will attract new players from the boardgaming crowd as I think it could compete in that market. Note that even though GW hasn't released all the old teams as official rules in the "day 1 DLC" -type death zone book, there is a Ravening Hordes style pdf in the new which GW released and which you can use to play all the teams that don't have new official rules yet.

The new orc team looks great, especially the Black Orc. He really looks like he's having the time of his life out there :)

Size-wise the new models are a bit bigger than old Blood Bowl models, but not so much that they can't be used on the same pitch as long as they are in different teams.

 As you probably know, the new pitch has larger squares and the new models have larger bases as well. This means that old models fit on the new pitch but not vice versa. Actually, the old "big guy" base now fits on the new pitch just fine.

 I guess in a pinch you can play with new models on an old pitch, but it's going to be a tight fit unless you play a very loose formation:

So there you have it. It's nice to get some love from GW to some of it's non-core games and I hope this makes them enough money so they continue to support it. Next up it's time to have fear in our hearts over what they'll do to Epic.